ASV Patient-Centric Solutions

asv Patient-Centric Solutions Together, Beyond Diagnosis, Every Day. Offering tailored health coaching based solutions to patients, caregivers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare institutions in Latin America & USA. asv Patient-Centric Solutions, was created in 2016, after Andrea, the founder experienced, first hand as a cancer patient, what it takes to navigate through diagnosis, treatment, and life after cancer. While doctors gave her a treatment plan for a life-changing disease, they hadn’t provided her with a plan on how to live life. She realized that something had to change. Not one to wait for others to provide innovative solutions, Andrea became a certified professional coach focused on health coaching. We help patients recover their confidence, overcome uncertainty and, take control of their health. Our programs give patients build resilience and reduce stress. For caregivers, who play such an important role in supporting their loved ones, it can be overwhelming. We have designed our programs for caregivers to help them identify new mindsets, behaviors, and strategies to reduce stress so they can avoid burnout or becoming ill themselves. Patients and caregivers can benefit from one on one or group coaching programs offered by asv Patient-Centric Solutions. Additionally, the organization works with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to improve adherence to treatments and the overall patient experience. For us, to improve the patient care means understanding the patient’s experience of his or her condition – what are the individual patient values, habits, attitudes, beliefs, needs, and what is most likely to result in a positive healthcare outcome. We designed our programs to empower patients and caregivers in taking control of their health. Our vision at asv Patient-Centric Solution is to create a Connected Health Ecosystem that nurtures empathetic and engaging interactions.

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